07 August 2008

My accidental diet

I have really bad ears. Not as in deaf bad ears, but as in I get ear infections EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET SICK bad, and I often can't submerge my head in water because it janks up my ears too badly. I had to get tubes in my ears twice as a child, and didn't talk until I was 2 1/2 and got the first operation, because up unto that point I was mostly deaf. There's this tape recording that I think my sister made on her Playskool microphone/tape player right before the first round of ear-tubes of my mom, grandma and uncle talking. You can here me in the background, and I sound like a severely retarded infant-child. Actually, I guess I just sound deaf. Because I was.
On account of my suck-tastic ear situation, every so often I have to give up dairy for awhile, the trade-off being the ability to take a shower without shoving cotton into my ears. I most recently gave up dairy on Saturday. My ears will probably clear up in a month or so. Either that, or I won't be able to stay away for any longer than that.
Also, I drink my coffee with milk. And I don't like it otherwise. So when I give up dairy, by default I also give up coffee. And I drink coffee every morning, so that's been tough.
AND THEN, about a year ago, I decided to give up red meat, not for don't-kill-the-cows reasons, or for health-nut reasons, but for hippy-dippy reason that I can't really jive with the HUGE environmental impact livestock has on our planet. I just don't care for pork products, but I'm not enough of a saint to give up chicken. I do LIKE meat, after all. Anyways, that was about a year ago, but then when I moved back here I started being less strict about that, and now I just don't buy red meat. Except that a couple weeks ago I read some other article about it that filled me self-righteous self-disgust, and got back on the bandwagon.
As of today I'm off dairy (oh my delicious cheese!) by health necessity, coffee by association, and red meat by self righteous bru-ha-ha. I feel virtuous indeed.


  1. About seven years ago, I accidentally jammed a Q-Tip into my right ear. It hurt like hell, and bled for a while.

    I lost 2/3 of the hearing in that ear after that. It's awesome.

  2. Damn girl, should we have a "meat-off". I don't even know what that would consist of ...

  3. Remember when you gave up red meat for lent? And then a week later ate a burger in philadelphia?

    I love you.