11 August 2008

Meh, nothin really

I had a blissfully uneventful weekend. My mom made pie, and my sister made a couple of crisps. My brothers got back from their insane coastal bike ride. My brother's girlfriend swam the Catalina Channel, which took her 14 hours and cost her about $3000, and I find it to be wholly insane. But then, I would never dream up swimming 20-odd miles as a goal, so I think we're fundamentally different people.
I took pictures of miscellaneous stuff that my mom wants me to sell online for my Grandpa. Like a BMW 750 motorcycle. And an unopened Wolf Salamander grill. And a 9'X12' neon bar sign. And 100 tabletops. And a condiment bar. And two brand new cash registers. I'm not really decided on the appropriate market for these wares just yet. Also? A WHOLE lot of creepy "bar art."
I killed my camera battery in the process of rummaging, so I can't do much about it until I get home from work today. Also I have to figure out how much to charge for all of this stuff. Anyone want it? Are you opening up a bar/restaurant/club/place of business? Let me know.
My nephew Simon's 5th birthday is tomorrow, and then he starts kindergarten in two weeks. I know it's said by thousands of people every day, but I CANNOT believe how old they get, and how fast.


  1. Can i have the massively controversial painting of the naked woman on the polar bear rug?

  2. That one's already been claimed by Duncan, unfortunately.