08 August 2008

Librarians are HAWT

1. I just registered for the Annual CLA Conference, via the cheapest "unemployed librarian" option, which is, technically speaking, true.  I'm looking at this as an opportunity to get back in the game, as it were.
2. I found this entry via Ju-Ju Coop! (the indecently adorable almost-librarian I met at the BlogHer conference) and it's so true, and so funny, and so funny cuz it's true.  The comments really make it for me.
3. The lovely piece of librarian hawtness at Librarian Avengers turned me onto Freebase, which is just, I dunno, like the wet dream of open, shared databases.  What's that you say?  Only the world's biggest geeks would have wet dreams about databases?  You are so immature.
4. Hip Librarians Book Blog< 5. Of course, the Hip Librarian, which is an excellent resource (cuz that's what we do, like, duh).
6. Um, so, um.  I'm sort of a member of the web ring for Librarians and Archivists Who Knit....
7. And here's a list of cool librarians, fictional and real.


  1. "Indecently adorable"---oh, stop it, you! If I had known I would be complimented like that I would have tracked you down to properly chat!

    I've bookmarked pretty much everything you posted here in my "Library Blogs" section of my bookmarks...'cos that's what we librarians and almost-librarians do.

  2. wtf? ya think ya know a girl ..