22 August 2008

It's only been 6 months since I moved here...

I moved here from Chico in March, which, as you may or may not be aware, went swimmingly. Since I've moved here, socializing and making friends and remaking old friends, etc., etc. has not been at the top of my list. I've been fairly happy with puttering around my house, hanging out with my family, and when I really feel like I need to get out, either going out of town or going out with my sister. I haven't made a single friend since I've moved here, and that's 100% for lack of trying. I've avoided all non-family social obligations, with the singular exception of Lisa's birthday party. I rock, obviously.

But. I woke up Monday morning feeling incredibly antsy and friend-deprived, I think because I spent the weekend in Chico, where it was all friends and no family, and I remembered, that hey! It sucked when I lived there and didn't have family, but it sucks being here with no friends! Why am I doing that to myself? That's right, absolutely NO FREAKING REASON, because I'm from this town, and I do in fact know people, I've just been a lazy stick-in-the-mud and I think they all finally got tired of calling me.

So I'm going out with Mira and Megan tonight. These girls were my very best friends in high school, which is one of things that makes me EXTRA lame for not ever making plans with them. It's not exactly like they were some casual acquaintances that fell by the wayside. No no, these are real, honest-to-goodness, genuine friends. And up until now, I have just sucked. A rather lot. Especially since I think Megan's moving to Dubai or something? I still have to get the details on that; I think maybe I'm spouting untruths, but I'm also pretty sure? Megan are you moving to Dubai? But ANYWAYS. We're going out. And don't worry, I have no intention of repeating last weekend, but I don't think that was my plan at the time either.

Saturday, i.e. tomorrow, I'm either going up to SF for the day, or....I'm not. I got an e-vite from my friend Cody that was all, "Hey come see me off before I LEAVE THE STATE FOREVER," and I was all, "Whoa, seriously? Where are you going? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE!!!" And then I kept trying to call him and call him and call him and the stupid phone was like, "We're sorry, all circuits are busy" every single time and finally last night I texted every mutual friend we've ever had to ask, "What the fuck people! What is Cody's phone number??" And three different people responded with three different numbers. And then finally I got a hold of him because what I wanted to know was, "Can I bring Gabey? Because I can come up for the day with Gabe, but I don't have a sitter if this is some crazy adults-only thing." And he told me, "Bring him! Unless we're not going to the park, because in that case we're going to a bar. So call me tomorrow! And then MAYBE bring him!" So that's my plan.
And can I just tell you how much I love Cody? I took him as a date to my cousin's wedding in Genoa, Nevada once, and we spent like 12 hours drinking beer and watching Trading Spaces, and we went to the Mormon Pride Museum, and did you know that Genoa is home to Nevada's oldest bar? Oh yeah and our room key was actually like some kind of master key, and it opened every room in the hotel? Including, like, the maid quarters... Except the hotel was actually a time share? But who wants a time share in Genoa, NV? This other time, before he left for Japan and we were both living in Isla Vista, I was working at this restaurant, and I didn't get off until like 3am or something, and Paris bought a case of 40s, and Cody, Ben, Paris and I drank them all, starting at 330 maybe? At Cody's house. And I think we ended up having a headstand contest? I don't think I won. Anyways Cody's been living in San Francisco basically since he graduated from UCSB, and I have seen him MAYBE four times. Despite the fact that we live pretty damn close. Because I suck. And for that matter, maybe he sucks too? I dunno.
So Saturday: San Francisco or....Not.
Sunday: Sleeping, eating, cleaning, restoring order to my life, etc.

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  1. Hope you have a good weekend, whatever the plans may be.

  2. I kinda suck getting my ass out the door and seeing my friends in person...thus I'm a phonaholic.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  3. Dude...What the hell is "The Mormon Pride Museum"? It sounds like a contradiction in terms. ;)

  4. Will you please tell Cody hi for me? I haven't seen or talked to him in forever, and I have no idea how to get ahold of him anymore. :-(

    Have fun!

  5. I TOTALS want in on the CD exchange and I''' send you an email about it later!!

    You ROCK!!!

  6. I hear you on the lack-of-friends-due-to-lack-of-trying thing.

    It was always way easier when the government forced you to go sit with a bunch of people your age 5 days a week 9 months of the year.