06 August 2008

I'm finished with being a joysucker, I think.

I THINK I've recovered from the Angry Defensive Mother feelings stirred up during my weekend. Well. Not recovered, per se, because that's how I feel and I refuse to apologize for it. But they've receded into the background and been taken off the boiler, and I can direct my attention elsewhere without just directing others to buy things on the internet. Now I shall do my best to put that behind me and bring y'all up to speed.

Last weekend was actually quite fun. Friday night I went to Lisa Leuschner's birthday party (visit that link, listen to her music, and then be grossed out when I start telling my "I knew her when...." stories). Because seriously, we went to JUNIOR HIGH together. I am the queen of latching onto friends like a barnacle and then keeping them for decades, just because they can't manage to scrape me off. Just ask Julia. Or Molly. Or Amber.

Because it was Lisa, and because she's awesome, and creative, and "talented" or whatever, it was a goldfish-themed karaoke party. Don't worry. I have pictures. My pictures are (gasp) at home because....well....I talk about it at the end of this post and trust me, 100% legitimate. Anyways, I'll post the pics separately: they're worth it.

Friday I also whoops-a-daisy made out with a girl, but only for a second, and, in my defense, I didn't know I was going to make out with a girl. We were posing all cute and smiley for a picture and then right as the countdown began Kendall hollered HOLD ON A SEC, grabbed my face and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I'm not saying I didn't like it maybe a little, I'm just saying it was totally unsolicited and not my idea. Unless touching her boob earlier counts as solicitation. Personally, I'd say no.

By the time I got home Friday night I knew I was getting sick. Not just drunk sick, or starting to sober up and wish I wasn't sick, or over-tired sick, but sick-sick. Some people chose to think I was whining, or faking it or something, and were the opposite of sensitive, which made me extra grumbly, and made everything we talked about the next day EXTRA OFFENSIVE. Because seriously? I do not fake being sick, and I'm genuinely not a wimp. Especially on the weekend when I just want to hang out and have fun. Duh.

Saturday I woke up achy and sick and sort of nonenthusiastic about the world in a nondescript sort of a way. I'm sure I was super pleasant to be around. But after an hours-long call back and forth veritable nightmare of meeting Gabe's dad so they could spend the day together, Gabriel spent the day with his dad, and I went and saw The Dark Knight, and while I'm the first to admit that I have a weakness for comic book movies and therefore might not be the most objective judge in the world, let me just say this: Damn. It was good.

I spent Sunday relaxing at my parents' house, playing Scrabble with my mom and sister, napping, drinking tea, berry picking; it was idyllic.

Monday...basically didn't happen. There's a huge lapse in consciousness there. I'm pretty sure I spent most of the day being sick and miserable. It was a non-event.

But Tuesday. Beloved yesterday. Do you know what I got in the mail? Yes. You know. I know you know. Because what was it? This. I've been trying to surreptitiously play with my new toys without alerting Gabriel to the fact that they are new, or exciting, or toys. But my newest new baby (as of yet unnamed; my last two Apple Notebooks were named Ambrose and Rufus, but methinks this one is a girl) picked up plenty of neighborly internet signals, and I am very VERY excited for this whole "blogging from home" phenomenon. And I surely did not realize how cool an iPod Touch ACTUALLY IS. It's really cool!

And my new monster has my pictures from Friday. And, alas, I'm at work. But I CAN BLOG FROM HOME NOW. So I'll upload them when I get home. Squee!