15 August 2008

Hotter than Hell

Per usual, starting out my Friday post with haiku:

Preparing to drive
But it's so hot in Chico
I'm so glad I moved

I'm going to Chico this weekend. I haven't been up there since March, so this will cover some important visiting points. One such area of neglect is the fact that my hair is currently sort of an alarming shade of orange, and my bangs are shamingly uneven. Ma belle Stella has promised to fix me up and make me all pretty-like whilst I stay with her. It'll be nice not to look like SadClown anymore. Also, hey, remember my friends in Chico? Yeah. I like them and miss them, so I'm happy to see them. And I'm going to have Gabriel tomorrow morning before his dad comes to get him, so he'll get to see HIS friends too. The last time I was there, it was completely sans baby, but all of my Chico friends are mom friends, so I was all sad that Gabey didn't get to play with his buddies. Also, I'm hoping that I'll have time to rectify my current ghetto-bank situation. You see, I didn't have time to close my account before I moved, and there's money in there, so it's still my primary checking account, which means that as of right now I just mail checks to Stella and she deposits them for me, instead of something normal like, you know, having a local bank. Or a national bank. Or a bank that exists here.

I'm not excited about the fact that it's supposed to be 104 this weekend. Not at all. Fuck I hate that weather. I hate it like burning. Literally.


  1. Have a great weekend with your friends. 104 degrees, huh? Hope they have a pool, or a sprinkler or a hose...

  2. I would enjoy the
    Hundred-four degrees instead
    Of all this damn rain.