04 August 2008

Children are people

As part three of my apparently three-part series of things-you-say-to-me-if-you-want-me-to-dwell-on-them-for days, I was told by this same person that he "thinks of kids as a step above pets," and that, while little kids are people, "they're not fully formed yet."  No.  Little kids are people.  Fully formed, perfect little people.  Maybe they get mad about different things, and simpler things make them happy, or sad, or excited.  But those feelings are still there.  Yes, they will grow and change, but that doesn't make what's there now any less valid.  They are still authentic, and human, and legitimate, and worthy of cause.  When you tell me that your parents didn't enjoy you until you were an adult and a "real" person, I think that's literally the saddest thing I've ever heard in my life.

As a disclaimer for this three-part Monday morning rant, I'm not at all angry with this person.  I was verily shocked to find out that he felt that way, but I know he's never been around kids, and I think he's just genuinely ignorant, and you can't get mad at people for what they don't know or understand.

Edited for EVEN MORE CLARIFICATION:  This guy is not a baby-hater.  And he's a fairly decent human.


  1. ... And that was about to be my first comment ... who the HELL IS THIS GUY?? All we know is what we've done and what we have. I wouldn't change my life for the world and neither would you - and our lives are very different. We just gotta 'preciate what we've been 'dealt', the choices we've made, etc.

    I fear parenting somethin' fierce but beautiful posts like yours give me hope!

  2. As much as I abhor children, I totally agree.

  3. You're a bigger person than I. I may not like children (at all; really, I despise my neighbor's kids), but damn, I wouldn't go as far to say they're one step above pets. I might have actually had a proper go at him, and I have no offspring of my own.

    Well done you for not punching him in the gut. :-)

    x x

  4. My dad used to treat us like he liked the dogs better than us. He would snap his fingers at us to get us to do things, like we weren't even worthy of the spoken word. So I know how it feels to be treated "less than". I always listen to what my daughter has to say, and let her know that her feelings and choices are valid and important.

  5. Yeah, if anything, kids are more people than adults are-- they are much purer.