07 August 2008

Amazingly Worth It

So this is a video from way back when I went to Philadelphia (and that, apparently is the BEST I could do to summarize my trip, um....sorry?). My friend Kathy is the featured "performer," and after watching her do this? I was already in love with her red-headed hawtness, and the fact that she works for MySpace, and how amazingly sweet and artistic and talented and fun she is, but this? Just pushed me right over the edge. I heart you Kathy. And yes, that is my obnoxious man voice and guttural laugh.


  1. Ow. My back and neck are hurting.

  2. Its so nice to hear your laugh!!!

  3. How in the world did I miss this post?

  4. So is this a requirement to work at MySpace?

    If so, those people know what they're doing.


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