07 July 2008

Long weekend report

Thursday was my sister's birthday, but I actually ended up not seeing her then, because it was the boys' Junior Guards awards ceremony.  My mom picked up Gabey so I could buy my sister a birthday present, but then my sister called me to suggest that I go to the mall and buy my cousin something for her bridal shower.  How much fun is the diviest shopping center EVER Capitola Mall at 5:30 on the day before a holiday weekend?  SO much fun.  So I did that, and I still haven't found anything perfect for my sister, because the answer to that quest lies neither in Wet Seal, nor Victoria's Secret.
That was Thursday.  Friday I drove Gabey to see his dad.  We were both running early and we both had time to kill, so we both went to Macy's, where we ran into each other, and he got Gabe, and got to experience a weekend of Spider-Man shorts.  Then I drove onwards to entertain myself as I saw fit.  
Now my car?  My car is not so nice.  I knew that when I bought it, and I'm okay with it most of the time.  For instance, it doesn't have A/C.  Around here, this isn't a big deal, and for the ten really hot days a year when I can't stand not having it, I just won't drive.  Also, the stereo's shot.  This is something I have every intention of taking care of, but since I only drive about 7 miles a day, it tends not to make it up to the top of my MUST DO NOW list.  But what about when you're driving in the breeze-less middle of California, and for 3 hours?  These issues become MUCH more important.  That whole stereo bit just rocketed itself way up on the important-things-in-life list (which is separate, yet related, to the MUST DO NOW list).  Also, July 1st marked the beginning of the California hands-free phone laws (totally just linked to the DMV, and it totally is the most boring site ever; don't bother).  I have a Bluetooth earpiece thingy, but I have far more trouble turning it on, connecting it to my phone, etc. etc., than I do just answering my phone.  Plus I CANNOT be one of those people who just perpetually leaves it my ear even when I'm not on the phone.  So I had no music.  And no phone. And the lack of A/C meant all my windows were down, which I guess meant I couldn't hear anything anyways, which may have rendered my first two complaints moot, but neveryoumind that, because how much fun was my drive?  It was SO MUCH FUN.
And how was I rewarded for said driving experience?  If you guessed that it was with a backyard camp-out in West Sacramento, congratulations!  You're right.  It combined all of my favorite things about West Sac AND pretending to camp.  This includes but is not limited to a flat rejection of anything but the shittiest beer, standing around outside in insanely hot weather, dogs the size of rats, and the people who own them.  

There were also dominos, luckily.  Incidentally, why is it that every time I play the stupid game no one actually believes that I know how to play until I win?  Did you think that up until that point I was just closing my eyes and hoping for the best?

I had fun though, and even dressed myself up all patriotic-like so as best to appreciate illegal fireworks in the middle of dry, hot Northern California in the middle of a record year for wild fires.  
I came back to Santa Cruz Saturday night.  Sunday I went to my cousin's bridal shower, where I took pictures of my sister looking horrified by various and sundry "naughty gifts."