24 July 2008

Pics of Gabey, last thoughts on Blogher

First of all, pictures of Gabey and Elliot at the Boardwalk:

My family makes good lookin' babies.  Whether or not we make good looking grow-ups is open to interpretation.

Second of all:
Recently, I've gotten a lot of my "real-life" friends on board with the whole blogging thing.  I love it, because a lot of my friends aren't conveniently located, and I am woefully bad at calling people and staying in touch, so I enjoy my little window into their souls.  And the ones who (wisely?) decide not to bare their souls for the internet, I enjoy knowing what they're up to at least.  As a bonus, I've managed to make friends with a whole lot of funny, beautiful, witty writers who make the "blogosphere" a better place.  And what I've just discovered this week?  I love reading someone else's version of something I did.  I was trying to explain about The Way I Was Acting at that conference, but Julia did a much more spot-on job.  And Julesy, I never said it was your fault I was lame Saturday.  I was just trying to explain that if you weren't there I never would have been able to turn off the crazy, and I would have still been running on the same juices that got me through Friday's session.  And then who knows what I would have been like come Sunday?


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