28 July 2008

Just like any other Saturday

My cousin's wedding was Saturday.  My family is....big.  We had another public berry picking experience, and my legs are still all cut up.  I was debating wearing my slutty dress or my church girl dress, but then I just stole my sister's dress and didn't have to choose.  

My brother Daniel was proving to be particularly photogenic:
But never to be outdone by my brother Duncan's girlfriend Kate:
My cousins Erica and Kristen, and on the right is a girl whose name I don't remember, but she's not related to me at least:
We let James have something to drink, and his eyes went wonky:
The groom jumping fully clothed into the swimming pool:
Jillian, the beautiful bride herself:

Saturday was also Julia's birthday, so she picked me up after the reception and we went out.  I had been drinking since about four o'clock, which just meant that I had to work extra hard on getting her all caught up.  And for free.  Speed drinking is always dangerous, because it leads to things like this:
When we got back to my apartment I realized that I'd left my keys at my mom's house.  Julia mocked me excessively for the trouble I was having scaling my back fence, intoxicated, laughing hysterically.  Then she tried to show me a thing or two, and realized that it actually is REALLY hard to shimmy over a high wooden fence when you're giggling.  Eventually we got inside, which was nice, because I needed all the sleep I could get to prepare me for Sunday, which was day two of Family Fun Time; a feast of wedding leftovers at my cousin Dave's house.  He has miniature donkeys, he built his own house, and he brews his own beer.  



  1. I love a woman wearing a slutty church girl dress.


  2. Your cousin has miniature donkeys and you didn't provide pictures? That's just wrong. Glad you had fun though

  3. Wow that looks like a lot of fun. Wisconsin weddings are never that much fun. Public berry picking? That's awesome, hope your legs heal fast!

  4. I had something to say and then I read badass geek's comment and laughed so hard I forgot it. :P

  5. Daniel looks like James when I first met him (in our dorm on move in day). In other words, HE'S SO GROWN UP AND BIG!

  6. I think that chick not in your families name is Tammy Allemandi. Weird.