21 July 2008

I KNEW I had a legitimate answer that first time around

I had some variation of this conversation many MANY times on Friday, at Blogher '08:

Me:  Hi, I'm Jennifer.
Stranger:  I'm So-and-so.  What do you blog about?
Me:  I have personal blog.
S:  Oh, so, what do you write about?
M:  Well.  Myself.  And my life and opinions and what-not.
S:  (Starts to look shifty-eyed) So.  What...um...what do you WRITE about then?  Like, what's going on your life?
M:  Oh you know, whatever.  Last week some lady called me fat, I'm constantly trying to drive less, sometimes I go to really sketchy bars and take photos.  I have a two-year-old.  
S:  (Looks relieved) Oh!  So you're a mommy-blogger.  That's great!
M:  Well, no.  Not really.  I mean, certainly, I'm a mom, and that's important, but, I mean, I've been blogging in some venue or another for way longer than I've been parenting.  And.  Um.  Yeah, I write about my son a lot, because he's a big part of my life, but I write about all the stuff in my life, you know?  Anyways, what's your blog about?
S:  (Now actively wishing to excuse herself from my awkwardness) Well I blog about (insert highly specific and focused item here).

Then, on Saturday, the only panel discussion I managed to drag-ass to (I got a FAIL on Saturday's events) was Pursuing Your Passion Never Gets Old, featuring Mighty Girl, Evany, Que Sera Sera, and Suburban Bliss.  Maggie Mason (The Mighty Mogul) at one point said something to the effect of, "What's wrong with calling it a personal blog people?  I don't understand why we can't just agree to say, 'It's a personal blog.  It's about me.'" Ignoring my questionable punctuation in that last sentence, seriously people? Can't we just call it a personal blog?  Because when I tried to do that, it was often not well-received.


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  1. That was my favourite session ever, and I loved what Maggie Mason said. After that it was a lot easier for me to say "I have a personal blog" but I usually still felt I had to provide some examples of subjects after I said it.

  2. I'm going to start answering, "it's personal" - as in, I don't want to tell you :) Because that? Is funny.

  3. I wish I had gone to that session. It was hard when so many were at the same time.

    It was great to meet you and now to come find your blog.

    I say call it a PERSONAL BLOG!

  4. OMG... that was me, wasn't it? I swear I had that same conversation only in reverse like a dozen times. It almost made me feel weird and awkward being so specific. Whoops.

    Which session did we meet at again? I'm totally blanking...

  5. I would say call it whatever the heck you want to.

  6. Did you get annoyed with all the people talking about finding and focusing on your niche? I don't want to have a huge following. I just want to write about my life. It includes kids. But it has no niche.

    Sounds like you're similar. call it whatever you want.

  7. I pigeon holed myself into saying mine is a "humor" blog. I think personal works better.

  8. I call mine a "Menopausal Blog Approved by the NRA" and watch the folks back away slowly.