16 July 2008

A glimpse into my nightlife

This is my 300th post, so I feel like I should be doing something significant, like reflecting.  Or something.  But.  Last Thursday I went to Callahan's with Laura, Mary, and Krishna.  My sister befriended Buck:
I feel compelled to point out the obvious fact that he has gone through the trouble of braiding his beard.  He was also wearing his dancing shoes.
Buck's friend was this schmuck pictured below, who wanted us to come back to his place, and don't worry, because all that's there are "a couple big screen TV's, and some good friends."
For whatever reason, my sister was far more intoxicated than I was, even though I feel pretty certain we had about the same amount to drink.  However, comparing the next two pictures may lead you to believe that the opposite was true:

Anyhow, then Laura and I woke up bright and early Friday morning to trek down to Santa Barbara, where we had a great time with our mom, who fed us much good food and bought us many pretty things (which I plan on posting about v. soon, promise).  Coming back to work Monday was painful, but this weekend.  Well.  This weekend is Blogher! I'm leaving tomorrow after work, and I'll be staying with Miss Julia Jane, who is also coming.  Squee!  I most likely will not be posting from the conference on account of my ghetto computer situation, but I will keep Twittering, so look for me there.  So maybe that's my reflective 300th post.  300 and then my first Blogher event.

Gone to BlogHer 08  


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  1. So I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that shirts and shoes are optional at this establishment. Where's Fritz?

  2. so you're coming! we must hang out!

  3. Sign me up! I bet drinks are pretty fairly priced.

  4. Oh my God! Laura and Buck are so my new desktop background. No joke. I'm inviting your sister over just to show it off. Thank you for this priceless photograph!

  5. I like how protectively he has his arms wrapped around her. It's quite tender.

  6. Swear to god that man has a napping ewok in his beard. wtf?

  7. one more thing ... ya know how your comment verification word on my site was sffunky. um HELLO ... you're going to SF for blogher and it's totals gonna be funky fresh. now you must buy a lottery ticket and have your palm ready by a drunken mexican in the mission. PROMISE!

  8. Esther Brady CrawfordJuly 18, 2008 at 5:15 PM

    hey great to meet you today! btw, congrats on 300 & there's something mighty special about a braided Buck with dancing shoes. party on. :)

  9. Buck actually looks like a genuinely nice guy.