03 July 2008

The art of negotiation

Lately Gabriel and I have been doing a lot of bargaining.

"Can I wear my Spider-Man shorts for 'jamas?"
"Well, they're swim trunks."
"Please???" (lower lip quivers)
"If I let you wear them for 'jams, will you take them off in the morning and put them in the wash without throwing a tantrum?"
"Um.  Not sure mama?"
"Then no."
"You can wear them to bed if you wear the clothes I pick out for you tomorrow, and you don't fuss about it."
"Okay!  I'll wear my Spider-Man shirt!"
"No.  You're wearing your Spider-Man shirt right now.  You wore it all day.  It has to get washed with your shorts.  If you want to wear them to bed you have to agree that you won't throw a tantrum about your clothes tomorrow."
"Can I cry?"
"Um.  Okay.  But I don't need a sweater.  And I want to wear my train socks and my green shoes and my pirate shorts."
"No.  We have to see what the weather's like tomorrow.  And your train socks might not be clean.  And you might need to wear sandals, or a sweater, or both.  And your pirate shorts are 'jama shorts, not daytime shorts.  Do you want to wear your pirate 'jams?"
"NO!  My Spider-Man shorts for 'jams!"
"Only if you agree to be good about your clothes tomorrow morning."
"Fine.  But I don't have to like it."

Seriously kid, WHO ARE YOU??

(He got dressed amicably this morning, in a well-coordinated non-Spider-Man outfit, with sandals AND a sweater).


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  1. Did you ever think five years ago that you'd EVER be able to actually humor another human being with your patience like that?

  2. Sandals and a sweater ... I <3 Santa Cruz *sigh*