21 July 2008

A couple more #blogher08 thoughts, now that I'm starting to think

Okay.  Morning coffee has started to kick in (at 11:30?  Well it's Monday...) and I'm ready to be a TINY bit more coherent with my Blogher thoughts.  Well, maybe not more coherent per se, but definitely more detailed.
I left work about an hour early on Thursday, collected Gabers, got back to my house to park my car, and took the bus to the bus station, then another bus (Highway 17 Express) to the Cal Train station in San Jose, then Cal Train to San Francisco, where Julia was kindly waiting to escort me back to her domicile.  The entire trip took about 3 hours (from the time I got on the first bus), and cost $11.50.  Can I get a HELL YES for public transportation?  Gabriel of course had some trouble sleeping in the strange new world of Julia's condo, and hopefully did not deprive her of sleep to the point that she killed someone when she was at school the next day.  If that's so she hasn't mentioned it.  Yet.  
Friday morning Jules left for her daily activities at oh, yknow, BEFORE DAWN.  I snuggled with Gabe for awhile before getting myself prettied up and mentally prepared for 1000 Bloghers for breakfast.  I had left my watch at home, and was floating in a time-free universe, yet still arrived at the hotel at 7:55.  Because never in my life have I been late for anything, and if I ever was, it's because someone died.  Awesome.  Gabriel stayed at the onsite childcare, and I busied myself with being social and outgoing.  Day one I think I did an excellent job with networking and meeting people and what not.  Two of the three panels I attended were really great (the third one I left partway through, once I found myself literally doodling in the margins of my notebook and checking the clock every 40 seconds).  The community keynote was amazing.  I cried.  Several times.  And laughed.  Several more times.  Then I got Gabey, and his dad met us at the hotel and whisked him away for the weekend, and I headed off to the cocktail party.  Julia met me there, and my near, dear, adorable friend Amber was coincidentally WORKING at that bar, for our party, so I didn't even have to trouble with meet-ups, etc.  We went out, we had fun, we got to bed far too late, and that meant we couldn't get ourselves to the Saturday portion of the events until around 9:45 (which I thought was pretty good, all things considered).
Saturday we missed breakfast, subbed that with coffee, went to my favorite panel (the one mentioned in my post earlier today, about blogging about your passion).  Those ladies are all so funny and well-dressed.  Then I had lunch.  Three lunches, actually, because I skipped breakfast, and then accidentally got the fat-free (or maybe just not good?) lunch option, and, then, I dunno.  I really enjoy eating.  Julia and I sat in a corner (on purpose), and then, after checking out the swap meet area and recycling some swag, determined that we didn't passionately wish to attend any of the panels in session two or three, and therefore could live without Heather Armstrong's wrap up speech/talk/what-have-you, which I DID want to see, but, apparently, not QUITE enough.  Julia offered me a nap, a beer, and a hot tub.  It was a tough choice.  But.  Well.  Obviously not that tough.  
Also.  Julia and I met Aubrey and his roommate for lunch, since they were in town.  And that was nice :)
I think that on Saturday I did such a much worse job of being an attendee not only because of my hangover (which certainly contributed), but also because with Julia there I was perfectly within my comfort zone and didn't feel pressed to get out and extrovert myself.  I was THRILLED to have Miss Jules there, we had a really great time and I wouldn't take that back for all the world, but it's definitely easier to keep to myself in the company of my best friend whom I've known for almost 20 years.  
After our 100% satisfying hot tub/beer/nap combo, we headed to Macy's for the closing cocktail party.  The staff at Macy's was unbelievably unhelpful, so we missed the handbag floor, but caught back up in the designer shoes area.  Where I bought a pair of designer shoes.  And then the lingerie area.  Where I bought some lingerie.  Julia doesn't drink wine, so we decided to leave before we got to the furniture area, which was probably for the best, considering that we both made purchases on the floors that we DID visit.  
Sunday I got a ride back home with Julia, Gabriel puked in the car, and I took two naps.  Today I'm suffering from wicked burnout.  But I'm VERY pleased with my weekend, and very much looking forward to checking out all of the new bloggers I discovered.  If we met this weekend, hi!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I would have chosen the hot tub/beer/nap combo, too!

  2. Wow. You were a pretty damned busy little bee, weren't you?

  3. Personal blogs rule! It was great meeting you, fortunately on Friday.

  4. Sorry I didn't meet you in person. I agree with a lot of what you said. Especially being turned off by all the monitizing/schmoozyness. It was fun though huh?

  5. oh oh oh.... you went to blogher. Fabulous. My stepmom, Grace, spoke at blogher last year & she is really involved. This year she is in Bali and she was so bummed to miss it. I'm so glad you had a good time.

    PS. buy the ice cream maker. It is so fun....I have yet to make actual ice cream yet...I keep playing around withe the low fat / low sugar crap. I really want to make raspberry ice cream with oreo..yum city!

  6. DEFINITELY get an ice cream maker! I use mine constantly, and also have never made actual ice cream. Unlike Jenn, however, I use mine for pina coladas and margaritas. Almost exclusively.

  7. The one time I boasted that I was coherent before 11:30am I got tricked into giving a two-minute speech about "The Old Man and The Sea."

    It didn't end well.

  8. I'm sad that I couldn't go to BlogHer this year. So I'm clicking the links to all the recaps I can find and living ricariously.

    Last year was my first year, and I rememebr all the things you said. Boredom with some of the sessions, and absolutley falling in love in some of the others.

    Thanks for posting about it.

  9. Jenn's stepmother here. I need a BlogHer debriefing so please, come over!

    Holla here:


    We'll have fun, gossip and dish on the A-listers. House is child friendly with snacks and juice. House is also mommyblogger friendly with snacks and adult beverages.

    Why not? Really! Heck.

    Grace, Jenn's Stepmom