04 June 2008

Your Attention Please

First, have you noticed the graphic for Apple Blossom Baby?  That's my friend Darci's store.  She's a flesh friend.  In retrospect, "flesh friend" sounded a lot more like a legitimate turn of phrase before I read it on the computer screen.  I'm not a zombie, but Darci is one of my good friends in real life.  As opposed to sleep; that's where I'm a viking.  And now let's come back to that opening sentence.  Have you noticed it?  It's at the bottom of my various links to other things in the right-hand left-hand column.  She runs an in-person (fleshy?) version of this attachment parenting-friendly, new, used and consignment, child and baby goods store in Chico, CA.  If you're not familiar with California geography, Chico is somewhere near the boiling point of Planet Earth, which is one of the many reasons I got out of hell and moved a little closer to paradise.  But I digress.  Darci recently launched the online version of her truly fabulous store.  You'll find lots of good resources on cloth diapering and wearing your baby, and she also has a fun page of craft recipes.  She was a preschool teacher for years before she became a forward-thinking business woman, so she really knows her stuff.

Second, are you going to Blogher '08?  I finally took the plunge and registered, so I'm going to be there.  I have to be there because if I don't that would be spending money on NOTHING, and I only like to spend my money on concrete STUFF, like cocaine and shoes.  But I don't know anyone.  Maybe I'll know you?  Let's connect.  I won't touch your boobs until at least two hours after we've met, unless I'm drinking and then all bets are off.  I most likely have to work Friday the 18th (what with that full time job and all), but I'm all on board for activities the 19th.  I'm not staying at the hotel, because, well, I'm poor, and therefore bumming off of my darling Miss Julia Jane.  
And by the way, if you had asked me a year ago if I would be attending a conference for the "blogging community,"  I would have told you definitely not.  Never mind publicly admitting such a thing.  It violates the cool persona I'm trying to maintain.  You know, the one I'm using to bring hope to all of my desperate, lonely, poor, single-mother, yes-men readers, surviving on welfare and with menial service jobs?  Oh, you didn't know that you were desperate and lonely?  What's that, you didn't know that you were a yes-man either?  Well it's all laid out for you here and here, and also in a couple of follow-up emails I received.  

Finally, I'm going to look at/drive a car today, and then *gasp* maybe buy it?  Think good car thoughts for me.


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  1. Yay BlogHer! I'm going! In fact I think I got here from the attendees page over there. It's going to be awesome.

  2. I hope you have a great time. I can't wait to hear all about it. My husband would rather chew off his own arm than cough up money for me to go. He's not fond of the whole blogging thing.

    Good luck with the car thing too. What kind are you thinking about getting?

  3. I wish I was going to BlogHer, but I think I'm too new to this whole blogging thing to really go. Plus, I think it's too late to make plans to go. Please tell me how it is! (And damn it, I was hoping I would meet some of my blogger friends 'in the flesh', even if it meant taking the chance that one of them would touch my BOOBS! HAHA)

    I completely forgot that I spend all my money on cocaine and I live off of the hard-working taxpayer's money. Wow. Oh, and I also tend to neglect my child.
    What a fuck face he is. Jeez.

    What kind of car are you gonna get?? I'm all excited!!

  4. Good stuff on the Blogher 08'. I can really appreciate it when people express their ongoing dedication to intellectual pursuits. Now crush those other bloghers and rip their weak girlie limbs off!!! Rowr!!!

  5. I'm going. And my friend Stef from zlikezebra.blogspot is going. I guess I should ask off work, huh?

    Check out: http://othejoys.blogspot.com/2008/06/get-up-stand-up.html

    I totally want to do it, but Stef says she'd need a gallon a wine to get on the stage. Can't wait too meet you in the flesh.