06 June 2008

You do not gain my sympathies

So there was a union demonstration that shut down all of the intersections surrounding my work as I was trying to leave and get Gabey this afternoon. I am sympathetic to unions. My dad's a Teamster, and even though that might be the same thing as saying, "My dad's in the mafia," it boils down to the fact that I was brought up in a very pro-union household. On top of that, I'm a union member myself.
You're not hurting your bosses. The people with whom you're negotiating don't even live in this county, and even if they did, they wouldn't be at work at 5:00 on a Friday. I would bet money on the fact that the people who write your contracts are the same people who leave at lunchtime on Friday to hit the golf course and do some networking.
You're pissing off your sympathizers. Like me. It makes me unbespeakably angry when I get home at 6:30 PM, especially considering that my total commute is less than 7 miles. On a Friday this is especially true. I already don't have enough hours in the day, and I never have enough time with my son. And no, I'm not thinking, "Gee, these disgruntled workers really ruined my whole evening and soured the tone of my weekend, I sure hope negotiations go their way." Try an activity that disrupts the flow of business for your target, not one that makes your would-be supporters fervently wish that you get syphilis and die. Just a tip.


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