30 June 2008

A true handicap

Sorry about last week, my brain was broken.  It sort of felt like I was letting Jessica Simpson write my blog.  If Jessica Simpson had a frontal lobotomy.  And then had a stroke robbing her of the powers of speech.  And then she got really high.  And then somehow we traded brains in a science fiction novel gone horribly, terribly wrong.  And THEN she wrote my blog.  Although I'm sure that Jessica Simpson is, in reality a lovely and charming woman, never-you-mind some of the things she says.  
Moving on.
This week.  This week will be better.  This week I have at least 0.578% of my brain in good working order (although that's the part of my brain devoted to regular sleep cycles, so perhaps I speak too soon).
My weekend was nice, calm, quiet.  Friday was Ben's birthday which meant cake!  And then I spent the night at my parents' house to take advantage of hot baths in a claw-foot tub, and sleeping in, and my mom making waffles and bacon on Sunday.  And then yesterday I lay down with Gabriel to read him a bedtime story at oh, I'd say 8:15.  Then I woke up at midnight, and went to my bed.  Then I woke up at 1am, because Gabriel was climbing into my bed.  Then I woke up at 2:30 with an unslakeable thirst, and a strong craving for juice.  Then I woke up at 3:30 with Gabriel poking at me and demanding juice.  Then I woke up at 4:15 to pee, and at 5 to take Gabriel to pee, then at 6 because it was time to start my day.  And then I couldn't wake Gabriel up at 6:30 to start his day.  Which is pretty typical.  And possibly why my brain cells are so rarely able to band together and produce coherent thoughts. 
And then this week!  I have a four day work week, thanks to good old Independence Day.  And I'm taking the 11th and the 18th off, just because I'm awesome, and I have three three-day weekends in a row!  Is this heaven?  Well.  Perhaps...
Okay so maybe Jessica Simpson never actually managed to get her brain back, and maybe this week won't be any better.  Sorry!


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  1. I highly doubt that you have Jessica Simpson's brain...hers is lost somewhere in Tony Romo's jockstrap, or in her Louis purse.
    Gah, she's gorgeous though, huh?

    I HATE when nights happen like that. If it's not one thing, it's another!

  2. As long as you know what Buffalo wings are NOT made from, I think you'll be OK.