11 June 2008

Throat, I deny you!

For the past couple of days, I've been studiously ignoring the nagging, irritating, tingling in my throat.  My right foot still sort of bothers, and in a bid for equality, I have a wincing pain shooting up my uninjured left foot and ankle every time I walk.  Or breathe.  Or hold my breath.  I simply don't have time for throats.  Well today my throat got tired of being the forgotten middle child of my bodily woes, and rendered itself unignorable, even upping the ante with a dry, hacking cough.  

Monsieur Throat, allow me to lay out my objections.
  1. Your soreness-induced coughing is giving me a pounding headache.  A headache that is not ameliorated by staring at a computer screen for eight hours, broken up only by answering phones and helping troglodytes customers.  
  2. When I cough, I sound like a dying elephant seal, and while I think that may upset coworkers, I really don't feel sick enough to go home.
  3. It's a sunny 70 degrees outside.  It is immeasurably cruel that you would choose to malfunction in weather that is so very...perfect.
  4. My feet still hurt.  My non-broken foot significantly more than my broken foot.
  5. Your wretched soreness makes me drink much water, which in turn makes me have to pee more than a little kid with a bathroom nowhere in sight.  But my feet (again, my left, supposedly whole ankle far more than my right, legitimately broken foot) make walking across the building to the bathroom very unpleasant.
For shame, throat.  For shame.


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  1. Sweetheart, is it me or it this thing schizophrenic these days? Change of layout? Now your face is on the left? Wide margins? Narrow margins? Shi'girl, get it together! ;-) My throat is sore too! *wine* *wine*

  2. Maybe your good foot hurts because you are compensating for the bad one. I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot, and when it's acting up, I limp a bit onto the left one and after a day or two it's killing me as well. Can't win for losing, I guess. I hope you're feeling better today.