25 June 2008

Several unrelated thoughts, poorly strung together

Yesterday afternoon Gabriel was a perfect angel, presumably so as to dampen the headache caused by the nonexistent shoe tantrum.  This morning, furthering his attempts to placate me, he did not utter a single objection when I got him dressed.  My child has been expressing strong opinions about his clothes everything from an appallingly young age, so the fact that he didn't collapse into a puddle on the floor when I held out his sweater to put on was nothing short of a miracle.  However, I allot an extra 10 minutes or so for Gabriel's morning whine ritual, and even then I get to work 15-20 minutes early, because truly, the world stops and all living creatures cease to exist if ever I am late.  I'm the queen of unfashionably early.  I have to sit myself down and FORCE myself not to be early to parties/social functions.  Generally, I don't mind the extra 10-20 minutes I work per day.  I recognize that it's time taken out to afford for my Crazy, and not time unfairly being taken from me.  Besides which, I like to leave 5-10 minutes early, and that's only something that I feel comfortable doing with a cushion of extra time in the morning.  Not THIS morning though.  I got to work at 7:30, which, okay, is pretty early even for me.  And the doors?  They were locked.  Some of the managers were out today, and there was a miscommunication about who was letting everyone into the building this morning.  We all stood around until after 8, twiddling our thumbs.  And while I don't mind the extra 10-20 minutes I'm working every day?  You had better believe I mind that extra half hour of standing around for no reason; I haven't the words to express my hateful feelings about waiting without cause.  I marked my time sheet accordingly.

Transition:  Speaking of work....

I have a coworker whose last day is Friday.  We've all been invited to get together for drinks after work.  I have mixed feelings.  On the one hand, I like the guy, I like most of my coworkers, I like food, I like alcohol, I like eating and drinking with people I like.  Also, I'm still new, and I don't think I should snub social invitations if I aspire (and I do) to someday have proper work friends.  On the other hand, most of my managers will be there, and I (like most people) have a responsible, industrious "work persona."  As a general rule, my work persona and my dive bar persona do not get along, and we seem to be on a collision course mashing those two things together.  I'm not good with the whole "self control" aspect of living as a human on Planet Earth; even less so when alcohol is a factor.  I can just see myself either (a) not drinking because I don't feel comfortable, and being really bored the whole time because everyone else IS, or (b) drinking and acting a little too much like I do when I'm NOT at work, or (c) drinking, worrying about acting like and idiot, becoming overly self conscious of my every move, and wishing I wasn't there.  

Transition:  Speaking of drinking and going out and Friday....

From the way I understand it, two parent households do nifty things like "co-parent" and "share responsibility."  I, on the other hand, do handy little things like "become 100% consumed by work and parenting," "daydream about having 10 minutes alone," and "descend into the depths of insanity."  I'm a little short on the Me Time lately, so imagine my delight when my mom said she's watch Gabey Friday night.  All night.  And I don't have any other plans.  Yip. Ee. 


  1. I live in a 2 parent household, and we don't do a lot of co-parenting or sharing responsibility. I am the primary caregiver of my almost 3 year old.....so I totally feel your pain.
    Okay, you need to make plans for Friday-PRONTO!! Don't be wasting it! Drinks with a friend? Dinner? A movie? The bookstore?? There's got to be SOMETHING!

  2. If I were you? I would have a wine and baking party with myself and some great music.

  3. I would say come to SF but I have to move and it's my bff's bday.

    I want to come home for a weekend one of these days. If I do I have to see you and gabey.