09 June 2008


Way back in 2004, I bought a beautiful, top-of-the-line, 12" Power Book.  This little miracle of engineering genius was near and dear to my heart, and I loved it fervently.  But.  3 days after that one year warranty went up in flames, so did the hard drive.  I was mid-semester at San Jose State, and coincidentally at K's apartment in Chico.  I surrendered it to him, and he made it work again.  Sorta.  He doesn't do Macs, and he's not really an expert with laptop technology, so even though my data was all recovered and everything "worked," there were some aspects that were decidedly wonky.
The fan.  Ever since that fateful weekend in 2005, the fan has run every time I've turned on the computer.
The keyboard.  You have to remove keys to remove the keyboard, and some of those keys never made it back on.  Plus my keyboard was all wavy for some reason, which made it really hard to type.
Generally, the thing was just sort of slow and sort of weird, in a very nonspecific way.
I asked my friend Keith about it a couple times, because he's a computer geek and he uses Apples.  He offered me two explanations:
  1. Because it's such a small computer, maybe the fan just should always be running, because it heats up a lot.
  2. My computer is magical.  Get a new one.
So I've been preparing myself for the eventuality of investing my life's blood in a new computer.  I bought a portable hard drive and backed up all of my nonsense, since it seemed reasonably likely that Old Faithful might kick the can before I raised the necessary funds on the wages of the working poor.  And every now and then I go to www.apple.com and lust after the new pretties that are on display.  

And then Matt got in touch with me.  I've known Matt since I was in high school, but we haven't hung out in years.  We've stayed in touch in a half-hearted sort of way through the miracle that is "social networking," but I moved to Chico two weeks after he moved away from Chico, and then for some reason he was living in Indiana.  But now we're both here.  In the same county.  And he fell out of the sky and asked me what I've been up to, and it turns out that he fixes up Macs for a living, and I should come by whenever and he'll prettify mine for me.  So I drove all the way up to Boulder Creek, laptop in hand.  And he and his boss took it apart, and they both sort of groaned.  I guess there's a lot more wrong with it than I realized?  He told me that he viewed it as frankly unusable the way it is now.  And then he told me that he's gonna need it "for a few days at least."  When I left, it was out of it's case, looking very much like a piece of garbage, but he says he thinks he can get it back to me as good as new.  Thanks Matt!!


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  1. Oh my gosh that is devastating. I actually only got my macbook a year and a half ago and I'm damn in love with this thing! Matt is clearly an angel sent from the heavens of apple. Hopefully it'll be use-able until you can cash in you 401k, start selling blow and turning tricks to afford a new one ;-)

  2. LOL You are so lucky! My husband "fixes" my laptop for me all the time and something else is "off" every time he does it.