10 June 2008

In search of the perfect bag

Hey guys!  How have you been?  Want to help me scour the internet?  I'm having a purse dilemma.  I realize that, given all of the many dilemmas I could be having, given all of the natural disasters the world over, and the food shortages, and the gas price hikes, and all of these bloody conflicts, a purse dilemma is a pretty superficial thing to have.  But have it I do, and I will not apologize.  Some history:
Remember that guy I was dating who elected to stop seeing me via deleting me as a friend on MySpace?  Yeah.  I always hate outlining exactly what is wrong with the men I date, because I sense that it reflects very poorly on me, that I dated them in the first place.  But before he distinguished himself from the others and came into the foreground as a complete and utter coward, he was unremarkably sweet and normal, which was a nice change of pace, to be unremarkable.  Anyways.  He got me a Dooney & Bourke tote, the kind that says D&B everywhere and all over.  I thought it was kind of ugly No. I was surprised that someone would pick that out for me Um. It wasn't really reflective of my personal style, but it was given to me the last time that I saw/heard of him, so I figured since I couldn't return the thing I might as well put it to good use.  Which I did.  But actually.  It's too big, and I don't like purses with brand name prints on them, be they Coach or Gucci or what have you; I feel like it comes off as a desperate move by me to advertise to the world that honestly!  I have nice things!  I'm fashionable!  There's nothing desperate about my other nice things, because they don't advertise themselves to the global snobbery.  They mostly come from my mother, or maybe my grandmother, and are nice just because they're well crafted of quality materials.
The thing about that giant purse was that, even though it was always too giant for my needs, and I was constantly losing things in its cavernous insides, it made all of my other purses, which are for the most part less than half the size, unbearably small.
So this is what I'm looking for:  
I need a purse that is big enough for my Mom Wallet, a small planner/notebook, a chico bag, a small pouch with "lady things" in it, and some miscellany, like my cell phone, chapstick, maybe a power bar.  BUT.  I don't want it to be sized for a laptop, 2 litres of water, an extra shirt and a peanut butter sandwich.  Gabriel's out of diapers, and I don't want something the size of a diaper bag.  I like to wear my bags on one shoulder, so I like the straps to be the proper length to facilitate that.  Also, I like to have some means of dividers or pockets, but I don't want a Buxton Organizer.  That would just be too many choices.  Be warned that that link talks when you open it.  Finally, I'm looking for something that goes with a lot of things, but isn't boring to look at.


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  1. My mom is so dang picky about purses that no one in my family will even attempt to buy her one. I know she found a nice Kate Spade purse. It had room for her huge wallet and had organizers. And it was fashionable and did not have any giant words on it. Maybe you would like one of those?

  2. Who breaks up with a person via Myspace?! That is ridiculous!

    You are fabulous!

    P.S. thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, especially about the afghan :)

  3. Oh man, do I haaaaate purses that gratuitiously say, "I HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO AFFORD THIS!" Gag me with a spoon! I know this may sound too overwhelming, but etsy has a TON of cute purses, all handmade and cutsy and fun and unique and nothing from a mall that makes you look like every other girl. Cause I get a sense, that you're not like every other girl. So go to etsy.com and shop away!

  4. Oh, I hate the damn name brand purses. Some are cute, but I'm not the type of person to like being showy. I would like to think it is my sunny personality and silliness that draws others to me, not my damn name brand stuff.
    That being said, I say you should look on Etsy. They have great stuff!
    I buy most of my purses at Kohl's, so not sure if that's any help!

  5. sally spicer -- lots of choices of sizes -- on ebags you can see where it will hit if you have it on your shoulder -- and usually cool pattern choices