18 June 2008

I'm sure none of them want me to do this

SUPERJULES: SUPER. JEWELS.  I've known Julia since I was seven years old.  That means she's known me for longer than my two youngest brothers.  Even more interesting than that, we've been friends the whole time.  And we haven't gone to the same school since fifth grade.  And even more interesting than THAT, we've been friends who genuinely like each other and make a point of staying in touch, not just those friends where you say "Oh yeah, we've been friends since we were kids" awkward awkward blah blah blah.
Also:  Julia is really funny.  
Also:  She tells fantastic stories.  Better than me.  Even if you don't know her.
Also:  She always seems to have interesting experiences when she goes to the doctor.
Also:  She gets all of the obscure side effects from medications.
Also:  She's catholic.  
Also:  She used to play the trumpet.
Also:  She just moved to San Francisco.
Julia might make you think that singing Britney Spears at a karaoke bar is a good idea.  And she might also lead you to believe that it's OKAY if you take a little nap on the sidewalk in the middle of the day in the middle of a large crowd of people.  And she'll even do it with you.
Read her blog.  Even if you don't know her, she's witty and cute and inspiring.  And she loves unicorns.  

Catnip for Cuckoos.  This is Aubrey.  He's one of the only people I know who can actually make his job sound like it's really cool, because, even though I think he hates it now, he's still the only person I know who actually does what he went to school to do, sort of.  He lives in Sacramento, which isn't quite as lame as living in Chico, and is even a step up from living in Vacaville, but don't let the fact that it's the state capital fool you, it sucks (by the way I always have to use the dictionary to see if it's capital or capitol).  But I digress.  Aubrey: he's funny, witty, smart, and also adorable.  I think maybe if he feels the pressure of tons tens of eyes checking his page, he'll write with a bit more proclivity. 

The Adventures of Lady Jay.  I know that I wrote about Emma's blog before, so the main reason I'm  mentioning it now is because I think she should change it back from its invite-only status and have a public blog again.  How can I link you to strangers and tell them how much I love you when your blog is password protected?  Fie on your privacy!

i like stuff (but not all stuff).  Paris was my randomly selected college roommate my freshman year in the dorms, and my best friend and roommate the entire time I lived in Santa Barbara.  Then shortly after we had both moved away we had a falling out that I can look back on now as probably both of our faults, but at the time I viewed as entirely her fault.  And then I didn't talk to her for two years, and completely ignored every single one of her attempts to make peace with me.  Then I started reading her blog.  Then I realized that I missed her, and that I'm a jerk.  Well I already knew that I'm a jerk; what I mean is, I realized that I was being a giant ass in this specific situation, and I needed to get over myself.  Now we talk on the internet, which is a far cry from actually talking.  But that's not because I don't want to actually talk to her.  We played phone tag for a couple weeks way back in February, and then I had way too much going on with moving and changing jobs, and then I changed my phone number and had to get ANOTHER PINK PHONE, and now I don't have her phone number (Paris what's your phone number?).  And also, I'm sort of afraid that being as we haven't talked for so long we're going to have to have an awkward conversation, and I want to just have a normal Paris conversation.  Probably it just WOULD be a normal conversation, but I tend to worry about these things, especially as I'm not very fond of the phone in general.  I'm rambling.  HER BLOG, which is what I'm directing you to, focuses a lot on current events, politics, and interesting news articles.  Since our political views are largely the same, I think it's an interesting read that makes me feel slightly more well informed and intellectual, also self righteous and morally correct.  She also talks about her life as a (now graduated!) law student.  

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