12 June 2008

Homemade Hell

There I was, staring at my day planner, focused in on June 12, where I had written "Dentist" in the 10:00 line, and drawn a line all the way down to 12:00.  Two hour blocks at the dentist tend to denote....not....good....ness.  Fixating on this preview of amazing, I did indeed remember that in addition to the semiannual poking at my gums with pointy metal thingies, on June 12th I also got to have x-rays and two fillings!  Hoorah!  
But how could I improve upon this day?
What do people hate even more than going to the dentist?
Going to the DMV of course!
I better make an appointment posthaste!
Ok.  Right.  I've got my DMV appointment.  I've got my dentist appointment.  Yet I perceive a tiny gap between those two events, one which the good lord knows must not be filled by window shopping downtown.  Nay, I had better fill this void.  
Dentist, DMV, what is left?
Having blood drawn and getting shots, naturally!  Better make a 9:15 nurse's appointment to take care of that blood work my doctor ordered 3 months ago when I had my physical.  She wants to check my cholesterol.  Good news!  For this appointment, no eating for 12 hours prior.  Which means I can go to the DMV on an empty stomach, and not have time between the doctor and the dentist for a snack!  We all know I'm a real peach when I don't eat for hours!  And since I'm getting fillings, my mouth shall be numb, and eating when it's all through shall be an impossibility.  Better make sure I commit myself to working in the afternoon, wouldn't want to take the whole day off for recovery or anything.  And you know, while I'm at the doctor's appointment, let's not forget that I need that second Guardasil shot.  That way my arm can be achy for a couple days.  My throat and my feet need some competition to spice things up.
So.  Thursday?
So many different kinds of awesome.


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  1. Ouch. But hey, at least it will all over and done with.

  2. Self punish much? Yikes.
    Does your insurance cover the Gardisil?

  3. Ugh. Talk about doing all the crappy stuff in one day! Hopefully your friday will be much more enjoyable. :)

  4. Sadly my insurance does not see fit to pay for guardasil, and I am shelling out the $275 myself.

  5. I can think of approximately 212 things I'd rather do then do what you spent your day doing.