27 June 2008


I'm going out tonight.  Big news I'm sure.  My plan is, as of yet, fairly undeveloped, although last night I DID manage to awkwardly uninvite my sister.  I was simply attempting to apprise her of the situation, because (a) I sometimes worry that she will embarrass me, and (b) anything I've ever told her she's immediately told my mother, which makes me approach telling her things in a sort of stilted and awkward way sometimes.  But.  I didn't mean to uninvite her, because I hardly think that her coming would be awkward, but I apparently lack a filter, and manage to make all kinds of activities that SHOULD BE NORMAL.....not.  Which, by the way, is one of the reasons that I love the internet.  I get to read everything I write BEFORE everyone else.  And, often always, edit (By the way that should speak volumes as to the social skills I lack--this site is edited, can you imagine me in person??).  So anyways, I guess my sister's not coming out?  A shame, because she's really fun in a dive bar.  
My mom's still watching Gabe tonight, but his daycare went on a field trip to Gilroy Gardens, so she couldn't pick him up on her way home, so I have to pick him up and drive him to my mom's house, and Friday traffic is really just a subtler version of hell.  And I don't have a car stereo.  And Gabriel expects me to regale him endlessly with children's songs.  So that should be something.  Next week I shall try valiantly to have interesting things to say, but this week was unbespeakably boring.

Update:  Molly gave me a deliciously good idea for a post, but I don't have time to craft it before I go home for the day, and I only blog from work.  Back Monday!


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  1. So what did you do on your kid-free friday night?? We need the juicy details!!