23 June 2008

Fires, Fires, Everywhere

Santa Cruz county, which discounting SF City/County is the smallest in the state, suffered from the third major fire inside of a month this weekend.  I was planning on taking Gabriel to Sacramento to see his dad, but K is having some sort of health issues, so we stayed in town (despite the generous offer of Boyz II Men tickets).  And my aunt Ellen's in town, so my mom picked up Gabey on Friday to take him to the beach, and I was going to come meet them after work.  Unfortunately, the large and fast spreading fire meant that the freeway was closed, and we were on opposite sides of it.  Also, my brother James was at work in town.  So my mom and I traded sons for the night, and James and I went to see The Incredible Hulk.  I found it to be immensely entertaining, and not just because I would die for the chance to have Edward Norton's babies.  Also because I have a weakness in my heart for action movies based on comic book series (in case you didn't get the memo, my dork ways mean that I actually read this stuff as a kid, instead of, y'know, playing with my Barbie Dream House or whatever).  And while I didn't see the 2003 version, on account of it looking so impossibly bad, I'm sure it really WAS impossibly bad, and therefore this one was much, much better, because it was good.  

Saturday we had some bizarre weather.  First the temperatures spiked up to 105, then they dropped to 80 for a lightning storm (which, incidentally, sparked a whole lot more fires around the county), and then that cleared up and all of a sudden it was blisteringly hot again.  Only this time our power was out.  Fun times!

Saturday night James spent the night at my house again, because he had left his lesson plans (he's working the summer as a swim teacher) there on Friday.  We rode the bus home, which felt very frugal of me, and we spent the evening watching season 3 of The Office on DVD.  

Sunday I cleaned (honest!), and went grocery shopping, and did all of the stuff I was meaning to do all weekend but put off until Sunday.


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  1. So does this mean that Laura's going to get jealous of your relationship with James since you guys have sleepovers?

  2. I pink puffy heart The Office.

  3. So you liked Hulk, huh? Hmmm...maybe I'll check it out. But if I find out I trusted your taste in vain, I promise you future torment and gnashing of teeth.