29 May 2008

In which we make each other laugh, but a bystander looks like she might cry

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I mean, I'm trying to think about something that I don't really understand. My brain hurts."


"Yeah I think if I had my morning coffee, it'd be a little easier, but it's also sort of....untangible. Is it untangible?"

"INtangible. But good job trying to use a word you don't know! I'm really proud of you for using your brain!"

"See, that's where the coffee would have helped."

"And maybe it would help me be less of a bitch when you're stupid?"

"Maybe, but you're kind of just a bitch."

"And you're kind of just stupid, so I think I got the better deal."


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  1. I'm guessing you're the bitch and not stupid, but I can't be sure. which is it?

  2. I'm the bitch. My coworker and I have the same sense of humor, which of course we both find hilarious. Unfortunately other people tend to think that we're being serious.