15 May 2008

Making Ready

Saturday I move.  Duncan's coming down from Davis to lend his manly arms, and James has promised to devote the day to me, and my dad has committed himself to driving the pickup truck.  My mom's taking charge of Gabey.  This is why I moved here.  Because of all of the help.  

I don't really possess the words to express my non-desire to move.  See, right there, when I was writing that, I had to make up the word "non-desire" in an attempt to quantify my PLEASE JUST LET IT BE OVER BECAUSE I DON'T WANNA feelings.  

Hopefully, it will pass quickly and with relatively few nightmares.


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  1. you'll feel so much better once you do though!

  2. I hate moving! I think I'd rather poke a mascara wand into my eyeball over and over than to move. It sucks! Good thing though is once you get settled it's so worth it.

    Here's to a speedy move with little to no speed bumps!

    Have a great weekend if you can find the time!