06 May 2008

I'm not normally one to write negative reviews

I'm big on customer service.  It's important to me.  I care.

Three weeks ago (April 15th), I ended up at Subversive Cross Stitch via Dooce, and thought it was pretty much the coolest thing I'd ever seen.  I love crafts and I love subversity.  I ordered up Truthiness and Irony is not Dead, and was quite pleased with my purchases, made through PayPal.  

As of yesterday, I had heard NOTHING from the seller.  Not a confirmation of my order, not an automated vacation reply, NOTHING.  While I'm flexible about shipping dates and small companies and a variety of things that can come up, I'm pretty sure that at some point, a vendor should at least acknowledge that they have your money.  

I opened a dispute via PayPal, mainly because I wanted to know what in the heck was going on, and within 12 hours, the vendor had refunded my money.  So it's not that she isn't checking her damn email.  I don't believe that she couldn't have dropped me a line and let me know what was going on with my order.  It is unreasonable to have zero communications with a customer within THREE WEEKS of an order.  In a way, I would have felt better if it had taken her awhile to get back to me, because then I could believe that her poor service was due to family troubles, or exceptional busy-ness, or  unexpected travel, OR SOMETHING.

Had I received these items, I would have used them, and then I would have talked about them, probably here as well as in person.

Please:  Treat your customers as such.


Edited to Add:  I was looking at the site, and on April 27th the business owner updated to indicate shipping delays.  However, as I ordered on April 15th and heard nothing whatsoever of these potential delays, my opinion still stands.

Edited Again to Add:  I sent the owner of Subversive Cross Stitch a link to this entry, and she responded very promptly.  While she expressed negativity in regards to the public forum of my review (but what are reviews, if not public?), she did acknowledge her error and apologize for the poor service I received.  As a result, I have a more positive view of the business (remember that bit about communication being important?), and while I won't be patronizing this site in the future, I won't be discouraging others from doing so.


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  1. IRL - I worked w/ a guy who claimed/bragged to know her, the owner. He was kind of a dick. Coincidence?