27 May 2008

Every weekend should be this long

So it turns out that I'm getting a lot more money back for my car than I thought I would.  Does it seem strange to anyone else that if your car is a total loss you get the sales tax back?  I mean, if my pants set on fire, do I get the sales tax back?  I guess only if I have pants insurance...

So that was a nice relief.  And I think that my grandmother is forcing her stepson to sell me his car?  It's sort of a more complicated story than that, but the telling would be long, and the result would be boring.

K took Gabriel for the weekend, and I think they had a good time together, so that was nice.  Of course he managed to piss me off in the process, but I guess I'd be more surprised if he didn't.   I was sort of kind of hemming and hawing about thinking about maybe considering the possibility of perhaps driving up to Sacramento this weekend to deliver Gabey to his pa, but I'm pretty annoyed right now, so who can say what the future holds?

My parents' house looks like it's going to survive this fire, which is good.  Although there's definitely some guilt in my relief, what with me willing the fire in the direction of other people's homes.  Because the sheer force of my will?  Totally did it.  Monday they opened up the road, but the Highway Patrol was stationed at the bottom checking ID's because they were worried about looters.

Highway Patrol:  Are you a resident?

ME:  Yeah, I'm at 800.

HP:  Okay ma'am I'll just need to check your Driver's License.

ME:  Oh it actually still has my Chico address, but here you go.

HP:  Is your car registered here?

ME:  Actually it's a rental.

HP:  Well....I'm not supposed to let you up, but I guess you don't look like a looter.  Although if you come back down in a couple hours with a big screen TV in your car, we might have some problems.

CRAP!  I was already getting away with not having to gimp 3.5 miles up the road (I could park on the other side of the barricade and walk, if I so desired, but with the broken foot I did not desire).  I couldn't tell him that I was actually planning on getting my TV from my parents' house!  So I still don't have a TV at my new place, because I didn't want to be arrested for looting it.


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