02 May 2008

Compromising, but not on my moral authority

I had this really stupid fight/conversation with K last night, and it left me lying in bed fuming until well past my bedtime.  The self-righteousness!  The audacity!  What is wrong with that man?

And of course I had to devote a good deal of time to thinking up all of the snappy things I could have said which of course wouldn't have actually done any good, but would have made me feel better.  And this in turn lead me into the writing out in my head of all the details of this stupid fight, and about how I'm right (which by the way I am), and about how much it sucks to be given a headache on at least a biweekly basis.

And then he called me this morning to apologize (sorta), and really, that's all it takes.  A little bit of humility?  Goes an awful long way.  And then I decided not to write about it, because it pisses K off beyond all reason when I use this venue to bitch about everything that is wrong with him as  a person.  Which is one of the reasons that I do it (although I don't write about A LOT of the things that are wrong with him as a person, because I DID date him for 3 years, and also have his child, and at some point it just starts making me look bad).  

However.  I got into work this morning and I had a nasty, snarky email that he wrote last night, I'd imagine round about the time of this stupid phone call, and I got pissed again.  Even though I know that he called me and apologized after he wrote this, I read it after he called.

As a compromise, I'm not going to explicitly detail that Gabriel's Dad Is Stupid and Makes Me Utter Expletives Under My Breath, but I'm going to reaffirm that yes.  He does.  So there.


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  1. the more I hear about this DOOSH the more irate I become.

  2. Sometimes you just gotta vent! My husband hates it when I bitch about him on my blog so I do try to keep it to a minimum but there are just days in which I've got to call him out on being an utter assbag but an assbag that I love the rest of the time!

    By the way, I found your blog through DadGoneMad. I've posted a complete list of everyone who left their blog link in a post called Blog Rolling With My Homies over on my blog, so if you want to see it come on over and sit a spell. I don't bite..…that hard anyway!