25 April 2008

Yet another wish for disposable income....sigh....

BlogHer 08 is in San Francisco (driving distance!  Woot!), and I would really like to go, at least to the Saturday session.  I have to "discover" at least an extra $200+ in my budget however, which I suspect will be tricky.

This is your chance to either convince me to go, or convince me to stay.

If I do scrape together some moneys, or maybe repurpose my stimulus package, Julia, I can spend the night in your wee little condo yes (There is no possibility of me ALSO affording the hotel room, unfortunately)?  We can celebrate your birthday a week early, since I'll be at my cousin's wedding the following weekend.

Edited to Add:

Apparently Amber is dying to give me money.  If anyone else is NOT suffering from the U.S. economic downturn, is desperately wishing to sponsor my writing/blogging endeavors, and would like to give me money to go to BlogHer '08, my paypal is grace134 at yahoo dot com.  If I don't go I'll give it back, but honestly I'd probably be so flattered to receive $5 that I'd put the rest on credit anyways.  Plus I'll write you an ode.


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  1. you should either volunteer to get a discounted or free entrance or raise funds via your blog!!

  2. Yes, perhaps all seven of you will come together in the interest of promoting my writing desires :)

    Well, it's worth a shot anyways. If you're desperately trying to spend your money and you think that I'm awesome, my paypal address is grace134 at yahoo dot com

    I will write you a sonnet. Or a haiku. But I'll try for a sonnet.

  3. hey, im trying to anonomously contribute to your paypal and am getting NOWHERE. If you email me idiot proof instructions on how to use my credit card on the tinternet then I will wave the sonnet and require only a limerick.

  4. Amber, you're too good for a haiku, you need the sonnet.