21 April 2008

I'm not ready to talk about Nemo's mom

On the drive to daycare/work this morning:

"Mom, where is Nemo?"

"What? Oh. Nemo lives in the ocean."

"Does Nemo lives with his dada?"


"But Mama? How come Nemo not lives with his mama?"

"Nemo doesn't really have a mama."

"What happened to Nemo mama?"

"Well a bigger fish ate her."

"A fish ate her all gone?"

"Yeah, a fish ate her all gone."

"What you mean mama? Where she go? She gone? Why?"

"Well...she's with Nemo in spirit. Do you wanna sing the song about the sun?"

"Yeah! Sun song!"

About 5 minutes later, after we'd sung a rousing rendition of the "Sun Song" (and no, I won't sing it for you, for only the fruits of my womb may be so lucky as to bask in the glory of my beauteous voice):

"Mama, a fish not eat you all gone? Right mama?"

"No I think I'll stick around for awhile."

"I don't want a fish to eat you!"


  1. What a sweet interaction there - and a nice save with the sun song:)

  2. Aww! Just don't let him watch any of the other Disney movies, the ones with Princesses. All their mothers are mysteriously "missing" as well.

  3. I do believe that I have been fortunate enough to experience your beauteous singing...On another note, I had a dream that you were having a grilled cheese barbeque (in which the sandwiches were to be the grilled offering), and I thought you were the most brilliant barbeque hostess EVER for thinking of it.

  4. That movie is so scary! I saw part of it in a waiting room once, and I was practically weeping!

  5. You are a horrid human being. The corrent response is, her body quit working and the doctors couldn't fix it so she died. I base that on the three hours of reading I did when our cat died, or rather, was put to sleep. To which Kyra said, thats a bad cat. You should get me onother one.