28 April 2008

I will attempt to recreate my web-browsing

I have two links that I feel I simply must share with you, but I also feel the strong desire to share how I arrived at these pages.

I've been racking my brain trying to remember how I started what quickly evolved devolved into a fascinating journey through Wikipedia, but alas, I can't figure out where I was that lead me to this article on "ghost ride the whip."  However, I can tell you that from there I quickly linked to Hyphy (which features a most amazing slang section), then to Oakland, and from Oakland to HERE.  Amazed.

For my second item of business, I started out at Dooce, then of course at her flickr site, then at this photo in specific, and from one of the comments I got here, and this is my new favorite website.  I'm in love.  The end.


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