29 April 2008

I shouldn't even bother with this, because it's BORING

I wish I had these sewing patterns.  

I've been feeling pudgier than usual.  My clothes more or less fit the same, so I don't think I actually am, I think I'm just feeling that way.  Although it would be awesome if I wasn't overweight.  I have this idea of maybe someday thinking about having this life where perhaps I have time to exercise.  That would be nice.

I think I'm very much starting to burnout on living with my parents.  The free food is good (both beneficial and delicious), but I'm BORED.  And I'm tired of driving 30 miles to work every day.  And I'm just plain tired. 

I'm moving on the 17th, but the concept of moving?  It makes me feel like ripping my own toenails out with my teeth.  I hate moving.  I'm tired of moving.  I don't want to ever move again.  And moving means more expenses, more financial woes, more stress.

So I haven't really had much to say this week, on account of gearing up for moving angst, and also on account of being unreasonably tired.

I need a hug.

Or maybe I just need attention.


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  1. **HUGS**
    I lived with my parents once, after I graduated, and in between trips to Israel, before I moved to SF. and it was AWFUL. on occasion, my mom will say something retarded if I'm going through a hard financial time, like "why don't you move home?" to which I reply "are you fucking crazy?" and then out loud I actually say "uh, because there're no JOBS, and you'd get sick of me anyway." -living at home blows.

    on moving-- I have lived in my current house for 9.5 months, which is longer than I've stayed in since I've been in SF, going on four years. THAT is hard for me to believe.

  2. I'm always feeling pudgy in my clothes.

    Let's go, green beans and carrots!