22 April 2008

Figuring out how to give up my car

I think I spend about $750/month on owning a car.

I think that I have mentioned before that I am a strapped-for-cash single mother who can't depend in any reliable bill-paying way on her son's father for financial support.

I have thusly been inspired to give up on car ownership, and have been doing research.

Mid-May, I'm moving out of my mom's house, and instead of a 30 mile commute, I will be commuting approximately 200 yards to work every day.  Well, 200 yards to the shuttle stop that will take me onwards to work.  

I will have a washer and dryer in  my apartment, and will therefore not need to worry about hauling my stuff to the laundromat.

I enjoy riding my bike.

One of my employment benefits is the option to buy a bus pass for $60/year.

There is an active zipcar program here.

My mom will buy my car from me.

Which leaves me with only the following problem:

Gabriel's daycare, while only about 3 miles away from where I work, is about 3, inconvenient, non-busline, traffic-filled miles from where I work, and it closes promptly at 5:30pm.  Driving, I get there at about 5:20pm.  Gabriel is very happy and very settled at this daycare, and he is not a child who is easily happy or settled.  I plan on sending him to preschool in the fall, and am not eager to change his daycare when I am planning on changing it again so soon.  However, the fall preschool plan is contingent on potty-training success, and all of my moving and life shifting and upheaval has left Gabey determined that he will never, ever, ever poop in the potty, because that's one thing over which he has firm control.

But I would really like to not spend $750/month on something that I so clearly don't need.

And here's a breakdown of that, if you're wondering how on earth my car could cost me so very VERY much:

Car payment:  $270
Car insurance: $225 (a note to y'all: don't get into a car accident AND get a speeding ticket within a one year span, you will pay through the nose)
Gas: $200
And I estimate that my misc. car repairs and oil changes have thus far averaged out to around $50/month, although I also realize that my car is new and I will likely end up spending more than that on repairs and maintenance when all is said and done.


  1. post an ad for a carpool to gabe's daycare!!

  2. maybe if you sell the car and get a used one with no payment that would save some money? And a used car with no payment would mean a lower insurance premium as well. I drive a small, 12 yr old car and it's a stick, so I get decent gas mileage and my insurance payment is less than $30 a month from Geico, and eventually that speeding ticket will fall off. Hang in there! You can figure this out.

  3. Can't you just stick it out till the fall and then get rid of the car? I know it's extremely expensive, but it'll allow you time to work out the kinks.
    Also. You not having a car.
    Does this mean Gabe won't see his dad anymore? Or will his dad actually start driving his ridiculously and unnecessarily expensive car to come see his son?

  4. Can you get a bike child seat or pull behind contraption for Gabriel? I aspire to bike to work, but haven't.

    The carpool is an option as well? Maybe on of the daycare teachers wants an extra $25-50 a week to drop him off at your work/home.