28 April 2008

Dear Emma Jay!

Dear Emma,

Seriously, what's with the one-sided blogging relationship?  I'm desperately in love with you, and you don't keep me up to date with your life.  You live in Australia, so it's not exactly as though we can get together for a little chat and a spot of tea.  And I can't afford to dial international.  So I cling to your blog for news from Down Under, and I know that you keep your tabs on me here.  Sometimes I don't really have anything to say, but then I'm like, "What will Emma do while she's rotting at her shit job if I don't post something?"  And then I do.  I do it for you.  Because of my devotion to your loveliness.  
But not so for you, Emma.  You seem to feel no guilt whatsoever when you just......leave me hanging.  Sometimes for days.  Sometimes for weeks.  And stop feeding me the scraps from the table with your recycled MySpace surveys.  Sure, they'll keep me going until my next fix, but I want to know about YOU.  So balls up and tell me what's happening in your life already!

Love Sincerely,

Miss (Jennifer) Grace

P.S.  If you like, instead of maintaining your blog you can email me.  Or you can arrange another visit to California.  Though few thought it possible, Gabey is actually cuter than he was when you were here last.  

P.P.S.  Your still holding those pictures from your last visit ransom.  This is indeed low.  I have not since taken Gabriel to the aquarium, and you alone possess the magic that is my son staring at jelly fish.


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