14 April 2008

Boys don't make passes on girls who wear glasses

A conversation from a few weeks ago:

“You look nice, is your hair different?”

“Yeah, I re-dyed it.”

“It looks nice.”


-About five minutes later-

“Seriously, you look REALLY good, there’s something different.”


-A few minutes after that-

“Your boobs are huge.”

“They’re the same size they’ve always been.”

-Slightly later-

“Are you wearing makeup?”

“I always wear makeup.”

“Well you look really nice.”

“Maybe you just forgot that I’m pretty.”

“No, there’s something different.”

-And Finally-

“You look really good.”

“Um. I’m not wearing glasses.”



  1. Who said this? I'm guessing it wasn't the security guard.

  2. In this boy's defense, you do spend a lot of time looking like you rolled out of bed so it's extra shocking when you take the time to brush your hair because you're so very gorgeous. I mean you're always pretty, but when you get dolled up it can be shocking.

  3. Am I Doing Okay: This was most definitely NOT the security guard. This was a boy with whom I voluntarily spend time.

    Anonymous: I'm taking that as a compliment, so thanks, but I since I really don't see him that often, I try not to look like I slept in my car when I do, so it was really JUST that I wasn't wearing glasses. He gets no defense.

  4. I agree. There is no excuse for this 'boy'. I think girls in glasses are sexier, and so does my husband, so that boy's just missing out. Yup.

  5. Heh. Glasses ARE awesome. I think for some people, the fact that they can see our gorgeous eyes more [without glasses] makes a difference? ;p