29 March 2008


I had yesterday off, which was loverly. I still got up early, and got my oil changed and such. Took Gabey to the park and out to eat, and then headed on up to Chico. I got my bike, and a package from UPS, and Gabe got to play with Leila and Leo and see his dad, which are all important things.

When K came over to Stella's last night to pick up Gabey, he was just in a diaper, and I was on the phone with Molly, who p.s. is getting married in a week and is one of my best friends on the planet. He stood there demanding that I get Gabriel dressed instead of getting him dressed himself. And then Kierstie, Stella's 15-year-old niece, started to get Gabe dressed. Seriously? What the fuck....
Then he stood there looking lame and unhappy for a little while more until I, while on the phone with my friend IN PHILADELPHIA, got Gabriel dressed. What the fuck...

Stella and I went out last night. The going out was fun, even though it was the bear. The after going out was somewhat entertaining, but entirely strange. First we spent about an hour on a street corner with about 12 19-year-olds. Then a man named Purple Crow gave me an orange. Then we got a ride to Stella's car, which was so totally not at her house. Then I stole a sweatshirt from a boy named Ivory whose marrying me as soon as we get the licenses together. Because every time I've seen him he's given me sweatshirts and glasses of water and such. And apparently I'm easy to please. Then we decided that was lame, and I actually think that house has way too many bitchy girls who are under the mistaken impression that I want to fuck their men when (a) I most certainly do not, and (b) they ain't their men. Back at Stella's house Stella went to her neighbor's and I went to bed. This was round about 3. Then at 6:15 the Sheriff paid us a visit and harassed Stella's sleeping, 15-year-old niece for a few minutes, until it was explained to him for the 8th time that we had all been asleep, and that none of us had been outside, and that Kierstie is 15, so that means she does NOT have a driver's license.

And here I am at today. What joy.

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