18 March 2008

In Santa Cruz and the internet sucks balls

Last day of work: Wednesday.
Drove to Santa Cruz: Wednesday.
Car stereo broke: Wednesday
Drove back with Mom and James and Gabriel: Saturday.
Did Gabriel have the stomach flu? Yes. Yes he did.
Did my mom drop a couch on my foot? Why yes she did.
Did the Arc refuse to take my fairly nice couch, while gladly taking my piece of crap table? Indeed.
My mom drove the puking, shitting child back to Santa Cruz with the U-Haul, while James and I stayed on to clean.
What time did James and I get home? Oh 3am.
Was my car stereo still broken? I believe it was.

But so far, my new job looks good. When I find time to breathe again, I'll be sure to let you know.

1 comment:

  1. Whoa! we both just updated at the same time!!

    Ive been lost without you.

    It just proves the whole "If you built it they will come" theory.

    welcome home, im sorry your child is shitting and puking. at least now he gets to puke and shit near the beach.