20 March 2008

If they’re less frequent, maybe I can make them more brilliant?

Unlikely, at best...

My first week at the new job has been so far entirely positive.  And my eyes have so far not been raped by horrifying sex scandals.  Although, my first week at my last job was likewise entirely positive and free of orgies, so I suppose that only time will tell.

Gabey's been having sort of a hard week.  He was sick last weekend, and he's been pretty out of sorts ever since.  I don't suppose the moving and the changing daycares and oh by the way flipping his world completely upside down has really helped him out all that much.

My commute....sucks balls.  It takes me an hour and a half to get home in the evening (including the time it takes to pick up Gabriel).  Of course, my long term goal is to live actually IN town or at least significantly closer.  FYI, my parents live in the sticks, up in the mountains, where it takes 30 minutes to get ANYWHERE AT ALL, that's never mind the time it takes and the traffic associated with my commute specifically, which is significant.

Gabers and I will be in Chico (and me in Sacramento maybe) next weekend.  I imagine that Gabe's incredibly reliable father figure will want to see his son, so I'm planning on going out in Chico on Friday night, if you care to hang out with me.  Also, I'll be there for a lot of the day Friday, cuz I have the day off work, just in case you or your small child is desperately missing my desperately adorable son.  

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