03 February 2008

What, you wouldn't wear Apple Bottoms to an interview?

So as a part of what I'm calling "Yes! Love your job!" (or the slow campaign to make me stab myself in the jugular with a pair of scissors), a new dress code has been handed down. The funny part is that only three of us have been instructed to abide by it. THREE PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE COMPANY. And the world just wouldn't run right if I wasn't one of those three. Luckily, I am! Phew, I was worried.
In the email that the president sent out instructing us on the new guidelines, I was told to dress "business professional or business casual, or in simple terms, dress as if you were going to an interview." Okay. I wore jeans and a tank top to my interview FOR THIS JOB, but I don't think that's what you mean. And business professional is a suit, nylons if you're wearing a skirt, VERY formal, and definitely NOT the right fit for this company. I think that you mean business casual, so that's how I'm interpreting this.
I actually don't mind this dress code in theory. 80% of the time, this is how I dress for work ANYWAYS, because 80% of the time, this is just how I dress. But, due to the nature of my job (and how incredibly short staffed we are in CA), some days I have to put on lineman boots and a hardhat, walk a couple hundred yards through the sinking mud, and GPS a transmission tower. And I NEVER want to be up to my ankles in mud when I'm wearing dress slacks.
While I'm pointing out logistical problems, here's another one: all of my company-paid-for logo gear that I'm supposed to wear is quality casual at best. T-shirts, sometimes polos, and a lot of hooded sweatshirts. So they're going to need to decide between dressing it up, and representing the school (and they're VERY big on representing the school).
This got handed down about two weeks ago, and I've been doing my best to abide by it. But then I sort of....ran out of appropriate clothes. I wore all of my pants that aren't jeans, and then I wore all of my nicer jeans, and then, despite the fact that it's FREEZING, I dug out the wool tights and wore skirts for a couple days. And then I STILL hadn't done my laundry, so on Friday, I tried to compensate for the fact that I was wearing Apple Bottoms with a nice polo/sweater combo and some pumps. I even combed my hair and wore a little bit of makeup.
I went over to Stella's when I got off, and she told me, "I think that's appropriate for a job interview. If your job interview's in Oakland."


  1. the question still remains: exactly what ARE apple bottoms? inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Well that's just fantastic.