04 February 2008

Unbelievably Unbelievable

I picked Gabriel up from school Friday, and shortly after he developed a fever. He's been VERY sick ever since. He's only been awake for about 4-6 hours a day, he's been coughing uncontrollably, he hasn't really been eating, and did I mention the fever? I think I did. Seeing as I officially don't feel comfortable taking time off, I was sort of stuck today, and was actually quite grateful that K could watch G-Mans at my house.
And, obvio, I made Gabe a doctor's appointment. It was today, at 5:40. And I told K. And I told him again. And then I tried to call him about 10 times to make SURELY sure that he knew to take him and where he was going. And then I got home today, and K and Gabe were there, on the couch. UN.BE.LIE.VA.BLE. So I hustled Gabriel into the car like a crazy woman, and he screamed the whole way there on account of being woken up. And he cried the whole time he was there because he didn't want to be there because he's a sick little boy. Now we're at home, and he's snuggled into a chair, coughing up a lung.
He has the flu. And bronchitis. And an ear infection.

And, since I have not much choice, I am really, really hoping and praying that K can watch Gabey tomorrow...


  1. OMG! I hope he feels better soon. Poor thing has everything under the son. Lots of fluids and rest.....for you too. Don't let yourself get sick too.

  2. Oh, Miss Grace, don't wait until you're 53 to finally realize what you want and go for it. Take care of that precious child and enjoy every moment. Susan

  3. I hope he fells better soon. Sick sucks...

  4. HI! Sending warm wishes your way and struggling with how to handle work and childcare with sick kids myself.