20 February 2008

Text Messages, first installment

Before I delete these, I'll share my favorites with you, gentle readers (reprinted exactly as they appear in my phone):
  • Fuck me running I'm a midget magnet!!
  • Where might one purchase sweater tights?
  • Something murderous, or funny.
  • I was in my class and my stomach was gurgling. I had to run to the toilet it was great!
  • My depth perception is all off, I keep running into walls
  • This squirrel is hurting my soul
  • I cant help it at 3am i remember im in love with you. Dont you want me to tell you about it?
  • So I told him I posted the pix and he got pissed. But then he tried on another, tighter, pair. Mixed messages?
  • I heard one of them refer to me as the scariest person in class and then 4 people were all 'who? Molly?' not sure why.
  • That is unbelievable. God hath smote you.... because you havent suffered enough this year?
  • Holy home sex event. I am keeping this an option! And he is fun to be around. Yay!
  • Virgo - Work issues or school dramas are distracting you. Is this the wrong crowd for you?
  • I never called you creative retarded maybe not creative
  • Your souls not black. Gray maybe.
  • I think you just shamed jesus
  • Whatever that guys a total herpe and you dont deserve herpes
  • I was in paradise this morning and i thought of you
  • Wanted to respond w something zen but i'm too drunk still
  • At least if i was high there would be no shame. I dont think i can live it down!
  • Remember sex? I miss sex. Sex and I had a very loving relationship.

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