16 February 2008

Someone back me up here

I think that requiring K to have his OWN HOME IN WHICH TO WATCH HIS CHILD is an entirely reasonable request.

And I think that if he cannot provide said home, my decision to have my friends watch Gabe is also entirely reasonable.

And yet he tells me that this is unfair. And that I am a bitch.

I'm confused.


  1. Oh I'll back you up, honey. That is perfectly reasonable and he needs to get his shit together. For the record, though, you ARE a bitch.... (but I love you)

  2. well thats really classy, calling the mother and primary, and lets be honest, ONLY caregiver to his SON a Bitch?!

    I seriously need to buck his ideas up if he is to ever be considered a decent human being.

  3. I kind of think he needs to be served some serious papers.