06 February 2008

Rock the Vote

I voted for Barack Obama, in case anyone is wondering.

It was actually sort of a nightmare, because I'm normally absentee, but I'm also a non-partisan voter and wanted to vote in the Democratic primary. So I had to take my non-partisan absentee ballot to my polling station and, while I can't believe I'm the first person to have done this, the election workers had a REALLY HARD TIME UNDERSTANDING THAT I WANTED A NEW BALLOT. But I got one. Eventually.

I'm registered as non-partisan because I don't particularly care for our two party system. But since I have to choose between the two parties on a fairly regular basis, I choose the Democrats. And don't blame me for George W.--I did NOT vote for Nader.

I've voted in every election since I turned 18, and it continues to blow my mind how very VERY few of my friends bother to vote. Does one vote matter? Well probably not. But do thousands of people asking "Does one vote matter" matter? Why yes, yes it does. So if you're primary hasn't come up yet, vote. If you missed it already, register already because the '08 election is going to be huge.

1 comment:

  1. hmm, i didnt get an absentee ballot... thye probly still think i live in studio city.

    but im registered green, so i wouldve had to do the same thing as you to get my vote in. oh well. i'll fix things by november.