06 February 2008

My own private Idaho

Gabriel is still sick. Ugh. He's getting better. Only, very, very slowly.

Today I get to get off work, drive to Chico, pick up Gabe, drive to Santa Cruz, drop of Gabe, and drive to Sacramento. Joy.

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Yes, I'm going from A to B to C to D

I'm going to Idaho again. At least this time it's not a one day business trip, right? Keep your fingers crossed for me making it there and back by Friday. Regular posting will resume upon my return AND recovery.

And yes, this would be a lot easier if Gabriel had TWO parents with stable home environments with whom he could stay. T'would be much, MUCH easier.

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  1. Oh my -- at least you have actual desinations. Yesterday I was in the car from 3-7 pm, simply transporting children from one spot to another. And yes, as the child of a single mother who currently has that second set of hands (the husband's), it's easier. Big encouraging shout!