04 February 2008

In a town like ours...

My extremely unscientific personal study of trashy big box stores has taught me that the funkier the town, the fancier the Wal-Mart. Chico, which lacks such (in my mind anyhow) basic necessities as Macy's or any other decent department store has a VERY fancy Wal-Mart, a Target that's to die for, and an abundance of discount grocery outlets.
Up until Friday, I had never been blessed with a reason to visit a discount grocery outlet. However, on Friday I was sent (by Stella) on a very specific mission to WinCo. Some points about WinCo:

1. It's like if Costco had normal sized packaging. Seriously, the store is huge, the aisles are tall.
2. The liquor aisle is labeled as follows: Wine, Vodka, Bourbon. And those are actually the ONLY three types of alcohol ON THE LIQUOR AISLE. None of that Scotch whiskey for me, I'm a bourbon girl. (I did find gin on an end display elsewhere in the store, you'll be glad to know).
3. Nothing makes you feel classy quite like going to this store in this town, and buying: gin, diet tonic (not my normal choice but all I could find without my glasses on), frozen pizza, gum, a Rockstar energy drink and diapers.

This was a defining moment in my life. I felt officially trashy.

Then I went to Stella's house, where her neighbors include:
  • Chain smoking, drinking, pregnant woman.
  • Five year old with mouth full of silver teeth.
  • Various lunatic, toothless meth addicts
  • Scores of under-dressed, poorly fed and poorly supervised children.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE WinCo. I remember standing in the entrance saying Lori! Look! Its cheap!!! and Lori saying NO EMMA YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO SHOP HERE.