26 February 2008

The Flight to Philadelphia

I sat by this guy, who was trying to talk/flirt with me. And this was a redeye flight, and I wasn't frankly very interested. So after several failed attempts, he just started asking me questions that he could answer. Examples:

"So are you flying out from L.A.?"
"Oh. I am. Are you from Philadelphia?"
"I am, I live in L.A. now, but I'm going back to meet my parents."

"So. Are you headed back on Tuesday?"
"No....Are you headed back on Tuesday?"
"Yeah, I'm taking three days off work, I go back Tuesday."

"So...Do you work in advertising?"
"Oh I do. I work for an advertising firm in Los Angeles. I live in Los Angeles."

He actually did introduce himself to me, but what I really REALLY wanted him to say was, "So, is your name Orlando? Mine is."

1 comment:

  1. Reading this conversation makes me glad I'm an old lady...I never get hit on any more and it's a good thing!