09 February 2008

Alive, barely....

Much like the last time I went to Idaho, the flight there was just peachy, the flight back....not so much. Wednesday night I drove down to San Jose, where my mom met me and took Gabe. Then I drove up to Sacramento where I slept (oh wait, no I didn't) at a friend's house. I got to the airport at right about 5am. I didn't really have too much I needed to do in Idaho on Thursday, but since the HR lady had wanted to make it ANOTHER ONE DAY BUSINESS TRIP, I sort of invented some things so that they could pay for my hotel. So I spent Thursday visiting with all of my counterparts, gossiping about the the hell that's going down in CA, pulling them into my confidence on various aspects of gross mismanagement, and chatting about nothing. Then I checked into my hotel (which is nicer than my apartment), showered, and PASSED OUT until 5, at which time I was meeting a coworker for dinner. I went to dinner, drank, ate, had a generally good time, went back to my hotel, and PASSED OUT until another coworker called me (we were going out that night).

So Thursday night I went out, and I think that can be summed up with the following photograph:
I woke up Friday morning spooning Miss Shari. We had both slept at my hotel, and this included eating Del Taco in the hot tub (adjacent to the front lobby) in our chonies.

Then the scantron training commenced. It was incredibly lame, and not helped by the fact that I was both hungover, and remembering that Del Taco is never EVER a good idea. But we got on with that, I got some new climbing gear so I can do this:

And then we went to lunch, and then I went on to my flight. Flight to Seattle was fine. Flight from Seattle to Sacramento....well first it was delayed and delayed and delayed. And then it turned out that the plane had been there the whole time, and the airline agent lady made the following announcement: "Maintenance is currently on the plane. I will have an update for you within an hour." Not very encouraging. The flight was canceled, the next flight was full. I MIRACULOUSLY got on that flight on standby, ahead of 30 other people trying to fly standby.

I got back to Sacramento. Took the shuttle to longterm parking. My battery was dead.

Driving back to Chico, with 10 hours of sleep in 3 days, I got pulled over for no reason at all, and told to have a safe drive home. Um....thanks.

And then there was no parking my complex parking lot.

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